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WV Mudracing Association Point Stats





- Awards will be given in the first three places in each class.
- All classes awarded equally.
- Points are awarded to the vehicle.
- Only current members will receive points paid members will receive a membership card and will receive a $5.00 discount at all points races (Card must be presented to receive discount).

- Points accumulation will begin when membership is paid (points will not be awarded for races prior to paying membership)

- All vehicles must pass tech inspection before and after the race

- Cubic inch checks to be determined and performed at random throughout the year. All cubic inch classes will be entered into a drawing. The class to be checked will be determined by the draw.

- After cubic inch class to be checked is selected the top five points contenders will be entered into a drawing and the vehicle(s) to be checked will be drawn(all vehicle owners will be present for the drawing)

- Cylinder to be checked will be determined by drawing.

- If cubic inch is determined to be illegal owner has the right to remove cylinder head and have bore and stroke measured.(this is to be done prior to leaving the track)

- If cubic inch is found to be illegal the new engine must be checked prior to re-entry of the class

- If vehicle is found illegal, no points will be awarded. And current points will be revoked

- Points can be transferred to a new vehicle one time per season for a $25 transfer fee. You can only transfer to a vehicle that has not been run in the points for the current year.
- The fee to become a member is $25, which will be used for the awards and banquet.
- Any unresolved ties will be settled by splitting the points and money.
- If the vehicle runs more than once in the class the fastest time stands and the other runs in that vehicle will not be awarded points or money.
- You must break the start beam under own power to obtain participation points
- In the event of a tie, past finishes (performances) will determine winner.
- A single item protest fee will be $150.00. The protest winner will receive $100.00 and the association will receive $50.00 to put towards tools and/or awards.

- If you are going to protest cubic inch it must be done prior to drivers meeting.

- Participants who are getting cubic inch test will be allowed the truck owner and one assistant present during the check.


1st = 10 POINTS
2nd = 9 POINTS
3rd = 8 POINTS
4th = 7 POINTS
5th = 6 POINTS
Participation = 5 POINTS








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